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TV Aksjonen 2022

Written and photos by Øistein Jakobsen

Another project hits the dust!

This one to be remembered as

“We were there!”

We were there doing our share in the local project at Askøy, to generate funds for TV Aksjonen 2022 where MSF (Médecins Sans Frontières / Leger Uten Grenser) was the beneficiary of funds raised.

From October 3rd to the end of the official end on 23rd of October we produced a collective promo video, painted a factory on the inside as part of the promo-video, artists gave round handed of their art, we photographed the art, produced our own SoMed platform on Face Book and ran the auction.

It doesn’t stop there! We are still in the game. In this years project we established a whole new concept. Future art we called it. And “sold” 8 out of 9 future art pieces. First of all - these are pieces which has not been made yet. The tender just loves street art. All 8 pieces will be painted on the tender’s wall in the future. They don’t know what they get – they just bid on the artist, the reputation of the artist and that their tender went to MSF. Wow. Just Crazy and fun.

The artists efforts generated some 106K (10K USD), the island made an all time high of 1.5 mil ( 140K USD). Norway made an all time high ever, ever of 260 mil NOK (24.8 mil USD). All goes to MSF. Now that’s talking!

  • Artists: 10.DIG 620 9Tram BLY Canevil Dr.AW E.B. Kunst Gatefant Lise Miko Mr. Adolfito Nser Ounser Phatso Pyritt TRI Siwer

  • Project staff: Eskil Tjore / ØK Promotering Oda Svendgård / Kræm AS Solveig Wiik / Askøy Kommune Tina Elizabeth Eielsen Dale / Frivillige sentralen Øistein Jakobsen / StreetArt Bergen

  • Special tnx to: Edvard Ravnanger for providing us with turf. Him and his buddy Harry handed us the gold key so we could paint a huge industrial building making it our base for everything. u both!

Shout out to u all

… for a job well done

Why we do it?

We do it because we love it

… don’t u?

What a rush … we were there

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