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Written and photos by Øistein Jakobsen

Last weekend final layers of colors were added to the wall in the alley of Vestre Skostredet downtown Bergen.

Initiator to redecorating the alley was Litteraturhuset which occupies the building across from the wall. This again got MNG Holding Bergen ( involved – i.e. the owner of the wall. These two contacted StreetArt Bergen for a consorted action. Us here in StreetArt Bergen came up with a handful of artists which redid the wall and they added a little extra.

“Otto’n” by ARGUS was kept. The rest, which were there, had seen better days, were decayed beyond or just “fuc**d”. The artists which had been present were given a chance to participate in the new project. This combined with new artists made it all come together on the wall.

As usual our friends at Naboen Bergen lifted those in need of ground so two stores cold get a coat of colors. From our side Trine Helen Sejrup had project management, coordinated and curated the collective efforts.

Thanx to Kristin Helle-Valle at Litteraturhuset and Geir Paulsen from MNG Holding trusting us with the project.

Huge shout-out to all involved!

The artists are:




Mr. Adolfito

Argus – was there first






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