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Written and photos by Øistein Jakobsen


The fu*king wildest gallery in town. The walls are covered with art from the streets and up

... all the way up!

During the weekend us and a bunch of our friends have been teaming up making an old warehouse to the hottest place in town. Naboen came in with those "bring us up high things", Wild Willy from Vossamarknaden på Evanger came down with the chow i.e. dogs ... made from divine and exclusive stuff. The dudes at Marinehallen give us full infrastructure so we had an awesome weekend prepping "The New City Hall".

This is the first step in making a totally new spot in town. When they are swinging, and they are already book heavy stuff music and shit, u can sitt and enjoy whatever they serve on stage with a cold in your hand and the paintings on all walls.

On the walls there is Adolfito, Troll, DAKE, Sorry, Helm, Tri, Lise, Remark, Gatefant, Tegnepinne, Enser, Ounse, Bliss, Miko, MO, Spize, WC, Phatso, AMI, Sess, CFH, AFK, Dish, Pyritt, AUR, HSM, OCF, Ninjah, VBSU, Tokig, Razle, Liene, Riet, Amper, 10.Dig and Dekor. In the middle of it all u will find "Rain the Statue".

... hope I didn't forget any

... there were dudes and lassies all over running cans from Norge1927

U rock

... all of U

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