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Brann cup final TIFO

Oppdatert: 3. apr.

Written and pictures Øistein Jakobsen

As phoenix, the immortal bird, BRANN rose from the ashes. As did the story of the TIFO Bataljonen (the supporters) made and brought with them to The Norwegian Cup finals at Ullevål - which we, by the way, won.

The story of the TIFO started, 29th April, with one of them calls asking for help.

Off course we can!

Just has to figure out who

... of course 10.Dig is the dude for this

… we soon figured out

Well, the process started and thoughts were spinning.

Til the end result which was gona be made to a 12 by 60 meters TIFO.

Fu**ck – that’s a big, no huge f*ing piece of cloth.

It’s not that hard to make the idea materialize on paper if u can dig digging into such. U have a sketch. Then u transfer the aprox A3 sketch to a piece of clothe which is … aprox 100 times bigger. Wobs!!! No wonder people were discussing and scratching heads. In the end of the day the result came out awesome. Insane no doubt. As we could see it unfolded on TV today on the national arena for soccer.

Crazy as we are

… there are definitely more than a couple of dudes

… it’s a whole fu**cking city

… unhinging

Why we do it?

Still wonder …

… we just loves it

To the moon and back

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