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Sivert Høyem

Written and pictures by Øistein Jakobsen

Awesome handover!

Last Saturday (16/3-24) at Grieghallen 10.Dig (@10.DIGart) handed Sivert on canvas to Sivert Høyem - live

The canvas is based on a photo taken by us last time "Madrugada" (huge band in Norway) where Høyem is lead vocalist, were in Bergen. All of us had an awesome night at the event. Starstruck and humble.

Huge shout out to all involved making this happening come trye. Special tnx goes to Sigve Prestnes and Ashley Stubbert for paving the road for us to ride in stile

Never heard Sivert? Check him and Madrugada out on the tube. Here is a taste

Madrugada u find here:

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